Following in Warren Buffett’s Footsteps…

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I am new to the entrepreneurial game. I have always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit but it was never really encouraged. My dad was a factory worker who grew up in a military school and did not like to take risks. My mom quit school after failing Grade 10 and went out to find a job as a secretary. Given that it was the early 1960s, jobs were to be had everywhere without needing much qualification. Many jobs that are automated today, weren’t back then and there were more jobs available then there were people to fill them.

My mom always told me that a high school education in her days wasn’t necessary. Young women were encouraged to become secretaries and then, if they wanted, to move up the ladder to become a secretarial manager. My mom took her first job at age 15 as a secretary and eventually wound up as a Department Head in the school board by the time she was 29 years old.

On a side note check this cool story one of my mentors posted on Facebook about how hard his mom worked to get by after his dad left…

Grab a tissue first though!

Here’s a screenshot of the story

Sean Whalen

For a woman, this was quite an accomplishment. Especially given that she had no formal schooling beyond Grade 10. This would be virtually impossible today. Even most secretarial jobs require a diploma from a local college. A high school diploma is a minimal requirement for almost all entry level and even physical labour jobs. In today’s society, my mom would have struggled to find a job with her decision to leave school so early.

My dad was happy to just invest his money in the bank and with mutual funds, just putting enough money away for retirement and to live comfortably when he retired. He worked very hard and often took extra shifts as a way to earn extra money. We had a modest home and never wanted for anything.

My mom was the risk taker in our family. She was a stay at home mom and would often invest some of their savings in some riskier ventures. One of them was a phone card business. I don’t remember much of it now I think it was a pyramid scheme and I remember she invested $300 in the mid-1990s. My dad wasn’t too happy with her for that.

She also bought shares in a biofuel company which has paid off well. My mom didn’t mind taking a financial risk if it meant that the payoff might be good. My dad was never happy with these little side deals my mom had going on so she learned not to tell him about it. My mom was a natural sales person and loved to talk. I really think that if things had been different in her life, she would have been an entrepreneur.

I take more after my mom. I recently lost my job and have decided to become an entrepreneur. Coming from an academic background, I have been studying what other millionaires and billionaires have done and how they got to where they’re at today. I am a people person and can sell quite easily. I also am not afraid to take financial risks. I have already had a failed business venture and that has not stopped me from moving forward to my next business opportunity.

At this point, I am writing this blog about myself and also about Warren Buffett. I have always been curious about him but don’t know much about him except that he is wealthy but lives modestly and that he has always had a hand in everything that he does.

I want to examine his life and start making some comparisons to my own. I want to see what I can learn from Warren’s life, his career, his values and his beliefs. I want to share with journey. So that’s why I created this blog. As I learn about this great entrepreneur, I want to share with you. Thereby, making these things I read about Warren Buffett’s life and experience a little more concrete for me.

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